Our strength

Sardinia Real Estate, the only real estate agency in Sardinia that deals exclusively with rural real estate in Gallura, giving prominence and importance to the inland areas. We have an excellent knowledge of the Gallura area and the local market. We carefully evaluate and select the properties and land to be acquired and offered to our clients, while at the same time searching for the properties they wish to purchase on their behalf. Professionalism and efficiency are the basis of our commitment, which is developed in the total transparency and integrity of the management of the relationship with the client as well as in the maximum confidentiality and discretion.


An experienced team

In order to guarantee precision and competence in this particular sector, our real estate agency employs professionals who are all motivated by the love of nature and Sardinia. A team of qualified people with many years of experience in the real estate, legal and architectural fields. The reliability, competence and timeliness of the professionals is aimed at enhancing the value of your property investment in northern east Sardinia, we will accompany you step by step from the first contact to the contractual and notarial procedures, and we will also advise you after the purchase, in the development and planning phase, providing a service to satisfy all your requests.


Our goal

Sardinia Real Estate offers you the opportunity to live in nature and for nature. You will be familiar with the real Gallura, its territory and its Stazzi, ancient architecture respecting the surrounding environment. The microclimate that characterises this blessed land satisfies primordial needs. We don’t like speculation, but we value your interests. The real estate opportunities we offer range from historic buildings in the urban centres to rural architecture in the Gallura countryside. Thanks to our detailed knowledge of this market, we guarantee you the right price to pay for your investment in the heart of the Mediterranean. Our real estate agency handles all sales negotiations in the residential and commercial sectors with caution and confidence, paying the utmost care and attention to the management of each individual client.