Lo Stazzo


Lo Stazzo (Stone Cottage)

The uniqueness of Gallura is undoubtedly the presence of the Stazzi, born as a scattered habitat in the Gallura countryside, related to agricultural and pastoral activities, and from these simple but at the same time extremely necessary bases for family sustenance, an architecture of basic geometric forms was developed. The Stazzo is built on a rectangular plan, consisting of two adjacent square rooms, which were used to house both the family that lived there and the provisions and animals that the family needed. The first room, in fact, was conceived as a single dwelling where the shepherd’s family lived, so inside there was a space for cooking, eating and sleeping. The second room was intended as a storehouse or shelter for the cattle.


This particular shape lends itself to extensions without having to undermine the load-bearing structures. In fact, in the course of time and if necessary, a new side room could be added to the stazzo, giving the family new living space.

In front of the house there was a courtyard where the main activities of the family were carried out and, during harvest time, the entire population of the neighbourhood known as Cussoggjia came together, an example of social life and solidarity that sustained Gallura until the end of the 1970s.

Simple structures immersed in the countryside, which have been the basis of Gallura´s society for centuries and which are still suitable for accommodating new families wishing to enjoy the unique landscapes of a land renowned for being hospitable.